1.5-hours HEALTH CONSULTATION with Dr Shivani Sood

Get a proper medical insight into your health from a Doctor with 20+ years of Ayurvedic experience.

A Strategic session is what you need if you have multiple symptoms, diseases, chronic problems of different kinds, hormonal imbalance, stress or burnout, or any psychological challenge.

After the consultation, you will feel calmer as you will get a complete map of Ayurvedic healing rather than fragmented advice where you need to join the puzzle on your own.




Understand the factors which have made you sick and the steps you need to take to heal the sickness sequentially.



You will be guided to take the right steps to improve your physical and mental health.


Save your time and money, as you will get accurate advice from 18+ years Internationally experienced Ayurvedic Doctor.


Feel calmer and more confident as you will know what is happening with you and how you can help yourself to feel great again and thrive

This 1.5-hour professional consultancy covers advice on:


Analysis of your current health situation

Complete analysis of your medical reports and diagnosis for understanding the severity of the situation you are in (all documents will have to be submitted by google form before the consultation so the Doctor can study it before the consultation.


A complete strategic map of healing yourself

  • Understanding the factors that have made you sick to get rid of the sickness from the roots.
  • You will get Ayurvedic Psychological advice that will help you identify the emotions causing the disease.
  • How to heal faster to achieve your goal.

dietary recommendations

  • Correction of your eating habits and your daily food intake.
  • Specific dietary recommendations fitted to your needs.
  • Personalised recipe recommendation which will help your health condition.

Professional Herbal Prescription

  • Ayurvedic herbal medicine is selected for faster disease healing
  • Ayurvedic spices, tea, herbs or food.

Detox tips

Tips on how to detox your organs according to your health condition to enhance faster health recovery.


Email support

4 days after the consultation you can put all your questions in an email and we will respond back to any questions you have about the consultation or herbal remedies.



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