10 weeks comprehensive online certification program that trains you to become an Ayurvedic Consultant. This course will help you understand how to consult with Ayurveda with a structure and practical advice suited to today’s modern lifestyle.

The current edition starts on 1st February. Please remember that the course is limited to 10 people. Enroll now with the special “black” price.

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Everyone deserves to feel well, healthy and satisfied

The ACOC-1 course is not another option to introduce you to Ayurveda topic. It actually gives you a structure of working with Ayurveda and how to conduct it with consultancy.  

Ayurveda is a timeless system of healing that can be perfectly applicable in current times. The course emphasizes how to communicate Ayurveda to modern society – especially those living in the busy west, so they can understand it and implement it in their day-to-day life.

Ayurveda connects all the aspects of physical and emotional well-being that is especially needed in a busy western world. With my help and proper guidance, I will show you how it can be done. 

Who is this Ayurveda Consultant Course for?


Anybody who wants to dive deeper into Ayurveda to transform their own health and wellbeing and/or support their family and friends or just to empower oneself. 


Chefs and cooks as well as anybody who would like to run workshops, events and retreats.

Yoga teachers, dietitians, doctors, life coaches, psychologists, therapists (also massage therapists).

Whether you just want to know more about Ayurveda so you can improve your own physical and emotional health, or you would like to integrate this Ayurvedic Consultant Course as your first step on the path to making this your career, this is the perfect place to start!

When you sign up to ACOC-1 course you will:

Learn body symptoms and how to deal with health problems through Ayurveda consultancy.

Have tools and knowledge about the psychological aspects of health problems and how to improve them.
Become more confident and clear about yourself and your purpose in life.
Get a structure to know exactly what to do and how to lead an effective consultancy or coaching.

Learn communication skills to do better consultation, give lectures on Ayurveda for people in any field.

Learn from the source – Indian Ayurvedic Doctor with 20 years of international experience.
Keep safe boundaries and feel satisfaction from the work you do with your client and give efficiently structured advice.
Understand how to communicate Ayurveda to modern society (especially those living in the West).
Get practical knowledge with
the science of Dosha and implementation of Ayurvedic psychology.

Hello, I am



In 2003 I was wrongly diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. My fingers were crooked, I suffered a lot from the pain and a lack of vitality. Conventional medicine told me, I will stay that way forever. Luckily it turned out, it was just a streptococcal infection.

That incident made me come back to Ayurveda. I promised to myself I will not be an Ayurvedic doctor who only prescribes herbal medicine. I wanted to help people heal holistically, and I especially became interested in the psychological aspects of humans well being. In later years it became a strong foundation of my work.

I am an Ayurvedic doctor with 20 years of work experience. I had thousands of 1:1 consultations, 40 international projects in Europe and the US, and I am actively working in my clinic in India. I was also featured on the major affiliate channels in the US for helping holistic practitioners to learn Ayurvedic Consultancy.  All of that made me realise that Ayurveda needs to be taught totally differently when brought to the Western world.

With the growing popularity of holistic practices in the west, I found that integrating Ayurvedic Consultancy in holistic and medical practitioners practice helps them improve their client’s health in a much more advanced and effective manner. That’s how I started to train Ayurvedic Consultants to help people who live in the modern western lifestyle.

Today, trained and working consultants in over 44 countries are working with my signature technique. I am spreading Ayurvedic knowledge as the president of the Association and honorary member of the Polish Association Prana.


See what my students say about Ayurveda Consultant Course (ACOC-1)



Join Ayurveda Consultant Course  Level 1.


Get knowledge and tools to help others. 


Work on yourself so you can feel good and thrive.


Become a great Ayurveda consultant and have a meaningful and fulfilled life.


The course is structured in a way to help you take care of all the aspects of health – mind, body & soul. Ayurveda will deeply integrate with your life, making your health better and your mind calmer. Then you can help others do the same.

10 weeks duration

You will need around 60-90 min per day to study. It ends with an exam for certification ($80 fee).


Dedicated space where you’ll find all workbooks, lessons & exercises. Access for 12 months.

150 minutes coaching

Total of 150 min coaching for each participant. It will be a recorder so you can review it later.

31 videos

With over 7-hours of video lectures and approx. 200 pages PDFs with Ayurvedic content.

Weekly Live Classes

To clarify and answer your questions. Every Friday 11:30 AM IST. Weekly live classes will be recorded as well.


4 lessons per week

Fun and easy to follow with homework after every lesson to reinforce your learning.


Clear cut structure of diagnostic with practical solutions, based on my years of international practice.


Private What’s App group of like-minded people and my guidance as you go through the modules.

WEEK 1 | Ayurveda redefined; How to find your Dharma in Consultancy; Science of the Doshas; Understanding Prakriti, Vikriti and the mind.


WEEK 2 | Understanding of Prakriti, Vikriti and mind (continued); Concepts and rules for analysis; The art of eating right and sample menu plans.


WEEK 3 | Detoxification the right way; Art of body reading; Ayurvedic psychology.


WEEK 4 | Consultation and time for self-study


WEEK 5 | Ayurvedic Psychology (continued); Learn the art of communication with Ayurveda.


WEEK 6 |  Advanced work with Ayurvedic Psychology.


WEEK 7 | Consultation Techniques


WEEK 8 | Consultation and time for self-study with case study examples.


WEEK 9 | Practise of basic consultation technique


WEEK 10 | Presentation of basic consultancy by each participant.



Masterclass on stress management
– $150 value.


Masterclass on building great relationships and solving conflicts
– $150 value.


A record of the webinar “The art of eating” – $30 value.


Additional Q and A Class before exam.


Recorded Q AND A for the MASTERCLASS.


150 minutes of personalised Coaching.


Enroll to be a member of the Shivani Ayurveda Professional Consultant Association to have further support to develop your consultancy practice and Ayurvedic skills.

If you want, you can pay by PayPal.
After purchase, this please send email to us with informations. info@shivaniayurveda.com

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the course within 3 days I will give you money back.
No questions asked!


I don't have any experience with Ayurveda, yoga or nutrition

You don’t need any as this course is also suitable for beginners.

Will I be able to help and work with clients right after this course?

Yes, you will be able to do basic Ayurveda consultations. You will have tools to guide and inspire your friends, family and clients by your example as well

If later you wish to go further and become a professional Ayurveda Consultant you will need to finish Ayurveda Consultant Course Level 2.

I'm not sure if I want to be an Ayurvedic Consultant...

This course is an excellent opportunity to discover who you are on a deeper level. It will help you learn and understand the holistic approach to the physical and mental aspects of Ayurveda medicine. You will also be able to resolve your health issues and get knowledge as well as tools to safely help your family and friends. Even if you decide Ayurveda Consultancy is not your path, you will still reap A LOT of personal benefits from this course. 

My english is not perfect / i AM WORRIED ABOUT LANGUAGE BARRIER.

Many non-English speaking students have successfully completed the course and passed the exam for certification. With the video platform, you can pause it, go back to previous lessons and modules you can also translate PDFs.  There is no time limit for this course so you can go through with your own phase. There are no marks allotted for being grammatically correct or incorrect ;), and our support group is a safe space that offers help and understanding.